BELL Social Action Plans

Selected Action Plan Progress Reports submitted by students one year after program completion

A More Sustainable High School

Author: Joshua Nodiff

Compost in the Cafeteria

Author: Arianna Porter

Creating an Eco Club to help the Community

Author: Sarah Wax

Environmental Leadership Club

Author: Peter Prastakos

Environmental Passion

Author: Bella Carriker

Farm to Table

Author: Amy Andreini

Food Deserts

Author: Cooper Robinson

Green Team

Author: Grace Hilbert

Improving the Environmental Club in my High School

Author: Evan Doyle

Meatless Mondays

Author: Emma Hutchinson

Project ELiPS: Teaching children Environmental Issues

Author: Henry Altman

Recycling Bottles

Author: Kelley Koeppen

Recycling Tennis equipment

Author: Rachel Waldman

Save the Lake

Author: Maria Dulin

Saving The Ocean One Cup at a Time

Author: Jules Holland

Sustainability at School

Author: Anna Sargeantson

Teaching Composting to my Community

Author: Leanna Kelly

The Plastic Straw Project

Author: Haley Brathwaite

Walk with Water for Africa 5K

Author: Katie Vatke

Water Crisis

Author: Sophia Edelstein


Author: Juliana Rodriguez