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A Molecular Toolbox for Research & Medicine

Anatomy, Behavior, and Evolution: Fishy Solutions to Life Underwater

Antibiotic Drug Discovery: Identifying Novel Soil Microbes to Combat Resistance

Black Lives Matter Less: How Structural Racism Affects Health

Characterizing C. elegans Using Reverse Genetics

Deciphering the Human Genome

Experimental Pathology: Understanding the Molecular Basis of Human Disease

Genetics Beyond Mendel

Infectious and Epidemic Disease

Scholar-Athlete: Sport Physiology

The Great Diseases: Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Epidemics

The Scientific Exploration of Exercise Training

Animal Minds: Comparative Neuroanatomy and Animal Behavior

Biomarkers: How can we democratize health?

Psychology Across Species: Animal Cognition and Behavior

Unlocking Tactical Performance to Optimize Human Physicality

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry: From DNA to Enzymes

Data Science and Machine Learning

Introduction to Computational Mathematics and Big Data Visualization

Engineering with Arduino: Learning Electronics and Programming

Introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD) and 3D Printing

Introduction to Engineering and Design

Learning Matlab by Simulation of a 4-Rover Game

Brown Environmental Leadership Lab: Rhode Island

Climate Change & Health: Infections and Inequalities

Research Methods in Marine Science

Dynamic Earth

A People's History of War in America

World War II: A Global History from Below

Introduction to Applied Geometry

Real-world Networks: using Math to understand Complex Systems

Statistics in the Real World

The *@#%* Media: Enough Disinformation!

Hands-On Medicine: A Week in the Life of a Medical Student

Medicine in Action: A View into the Life of a Medical Student

Implicit Bias - What is it and Who is to Blame?

An Introduction to Quantum Computing

Basic Physics (A)

Basic Physics (B)

Evolution and Exploration of our Solar System

From Newton to Nanotechnology: History and Applications of Physics

Introduction to Nanotechnology

Introductory Astronomy: Exploring the Cosmos

What Does It Take to Discover a Particle?

Animals Among Us: Humans, Nonhumans, and Politics

Debating Democracy: Threats and Prospects

Great Trials That Changed History: A Judge's Perspective

Political Theory Through Science Fiction: Utopias, Dystopias and Allegories

The International Human Rights of Political and Environmental Migrations

U.S. Foreign Policy: Past, Present, and Future

Children's Thinking

Racism and Health: From a Physiological to Societal Perspective

Gender, Race and Class in Medical Research and Practice

Social Impact of Natural and Human-made Disasters