2021 Course Offerings: Summer@Brown

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Celebrity in Modern America

Race, Gender & Horror: Reading Psychoanalysis in American Film & Fiction


Playing with Death: Games in the Ancient World

Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs and Language

"All of them Witches!": Race, Gender, and Witchcraft in Popular Culture

Apocalypse Now

Best Frenemies?: Cultural Narratives of Female Friendship in Literature and Film

Classic Fairy Tales Reconsidered

Comedy and Cruelty

Creative Coding: Reading and Writing Web-based Literature

Experimental Writing

Fantastic Places, Unhuman Humans

Introduction to Creative Nonfiction

Introduction to Fiction Writing

Law and Literature

Literature, Culture, and American Identities

Love Stories

Monstrosities: The Meaning of Monsters in the Modern World

Putting Your Ideas Into Words

Reading and Writing Workshop : Utopia and Dystopia

Reading, Writing, Traveling: An Exploration in Creative Nonfiction

The College Application Essay: Telling Your Unique Story in 650 Words

Writing Flash Fiction

Writing for College Admissions

Writing for College and Beyond

Writing Speculative Fiction

French Through Folktales: More Than Once Upon a Time

Spanish through Social Justice

Disruptive Thinkers, Ideological Conflict, and Social Revolution

Italian Life, Culture and History

U.S. Politics, Public Policy and Social Justice

"Here's Looking at You, Hollywood": An Introduction to American Film

The *@#%* Media: Pulling Back the Curtain on Fake News

Applied Ethics: Respect, Philosophical Practice, & Interdependent Responsibility

Nevertheless, She Persisted: Current Issues in Feminist Philosophy

Borders, Migration, and Human Rights

Posting Power - Digital Media and the Transformation of Politics

Freud: Psychoanalysis and Its Legacies

A Hip-Hop Introduction to Du Boisian Social Theory

Introduction to Greek Tragedy: From Past to Present

Writing for Performance/Designing Creative Inquiry