2021 Course Offerings: Summer@Brown

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Summer 2022 courses will be available to view in early fall. Want to learn more? Check out our programs and how to apply.

Course Title

Genomes: A Surprising Unique Fusion of Subjects. Exploration, Myths and Truths

Nanotechnology: Mystery Science or Small Materials Doing Big Things?

Artificial Intelligence: Modeling Human Intelligence with Networks

Behind the Machine: Data Science Through Python

Ethical Questions in Cybersecurity

Hiding in Plain Sight: An Introduction to the Art of Cryptography

Introduction to Computational Mathematics and Big Data Visualization

Introduction to Statistical Programming

An Introduction to Game Theory

Econometrics: Statistical Tools to Understand Economic Data

Introduction to Behavioral Finance

Alternative Energy Engineering: An Introduction

Biomedical Engineering: The Smart Design of Medical Implants and Devices

Engineering Biomedical Systems

Fluid Mechanics Through Hovercraft Physics

Introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD) and 3D Printing

Introduction to Engineering and Design

Learning Matlab by Digital Simulation of a 4-Rover Game

Materials Engineering: A Revolution in the Making

Materials Science and Engineering: Designing for Society's Needs

Mechatronic Design for Game-playing Rovers

Renewable Energy Engineering: Wind and Solar Power

Creative Coding: Reading and Writing Web-based Literature

Marine Life in the Balance: Protecting a Changing Estuary Environment

Nature as Our Teacher: Learning Skills to Shape Change

Research Methods in Marine Science

Use Your Voice: Addressing Climate Change Through Science Communication

You Can’t Spell “Earth” Without “Art”: Art & Environmental Leadership

Habitable Worlds: Possible Places for Life in the Solar System and Beyond

A Closer Look at Infinity

Introduction to Applied Geometry

Logic & Paradox

Mathematical Modeling of Finance: An Introduction to Quantitative Analysis

Number Theory: An Introduction to Higher Mathematics

Statistics in the Real World

The Math of Rubik's Cubes and Related Puzzles

Computational Physics

Dynamics of Solar System Formation and Change

Introduction to Nanotechnology

Physics: What Does It Take to Discover a Particle?

Quantum Mechanics and the Nature of Reality

From Idea to Publication: Building Your Own Research Project