2021 Course Offerings: Summer@Brown

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Care in Critical Times

Global Health: Inequality, Culture, and Human Well-being Around the World

Illness and Health: An Exploration through Anthropology

Antibiotic Drug Discovery: Identifying Novel Soil Microbes to Combat Antibiotic Resistance

Behind the Breakthroughs: Using Laboratory Organisms in Biomedical Research

Black Lives Matter Less: How Structural Racism Affects Health

Breakthroughs: An Exploration of Laboratory Organisms in Biomedical Research

Cancer Biology: An Evolving Puzzle

Combating Disease in the Modern Age: Virus Evolution

Creating an Athlete: The Science of Training

Disease in America: Investigation and Response to Outbreaks

DNA Science: Forensics, Food, and Medicine

Experimental Pathology: Understanding the Molecular Basis of Human Disease

Genetics Beyond Mendel

Genome Hijackers

Genomes: A Surprising Unique Fusion of Subjects. Exploration, Myths and Truths

Infectious and Epidemic Disease

Laboratory Research in Biomedicine

Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

The Great Diseases: Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Epidemics

Neuroscience in Action: Understanding Our Brains and Nervous Systems

Neuroscience in Health and Disease

Psychoactive Drugs: Brain, Body, Society

Psychopathology: Investigating the Biology and Psychology of Mental Illness

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry: From DNA to Enzymes

Organic and Biochemistry: Key Pathways to Success for the Pre-Med Student

Introduction to Statistical Programming

Biomedical Engineering: The Smart Design of Medical Implants and Devices

Engineering Biomedical Systems

Nature as Our Teacher: Learning Skills to Shape Change

Statistics in the Real World

Hard Medical Choices: An Introductory Approach to Medical Ethics

Medicine in Action: A View into the Life of a Medical Student

Psychology and Health: Emotions, Behaviors, and Disease

Transgenerational Trauma and Epigenetics: How Trauma Can Be Inherited

Food For Thought: Personal to Global Perspectives on Nutrition

Public Policy is Health Policy – Say What Now?

Tobacco, Disease and the Industry: cigs, e-cigs and more

We're All Breathing the Same Air: How Power and Privilege Impact Public Health

Gender, Race and Class in Medical Research and Practice