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Live Like It's 3000 BC: Introduction to Experimental Archaeology

Biotechnology and Pop Culture: From Science Fiction To Reality

Can We Build Organs? The Use of Complex 3D Cell Models for Biotechnology.

From Birds to Bees: Comparative Reproductive Biology

Innovation Inspired by Nature: A Biomimicry Challenge

Introduction to Statistical Programming in R (New Online)

Learning to Code with Arduino LED Cube Engineering

Alternative Energy Engineering: An Introduction

Biomedical Engineering and Device Design

Biomedical Engineering: The Smart Design of Medical Implants and Devices

Engineering Biomedical Systems

Engineering Design Studio Learning by Making in the Brown Design Workshop

Engineering with Arduino: Project-Based Electronics and Programming

Fluid Mechanics Through Hovercraft Physics

Flying Robots: How to Build and Program Small UAVs Using the Robot Operating System

Introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD) and 3D Printing

Introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD) and 3D Printing (New Online)

Introduction to Engineering and Design

Introduction to Engineering and Design

Leadership and the Future of Science, Technology, and Medicine

Learning Matlab by Digital Simulation of a 4-Rover Game

Materials Engineering: A Revolution in the Making

Materials Science and Engineering: Designing for Society's Needs

Mechatronic Design for Game-playing Rovers

Renewable Energy Engineering: Wind and Solar Power

Introduction to Modern and Contemporary Architecture

An Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism

Introduction to Nanotechnology

From Idea to Publication: Building Your Own Research Project

Leadership in Changing Business: Social Entrepreneurship