Reimagining Leadership: Art and Social Change

Course Description

This course is part of the Leadership Institute Online, a four-week academic program that helps students cultivate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes associated with effective and socially responsible leadership. The core elements of this unique program include the academic content based on the course of one's choosing and leadership content common to all courses, which includes the development of an Action Plan.

In this course, you will explore critical questions facing practitioners, thought leaders, and community members about what justice means and how activism has played a part in various creative and artistic movements? How can art contribute to change-oriented spaces and advocacy work? What is the social responsibility of an artist? You can expect to participate in daily creative workshops, reading and writing assignments, and online discussions to develop and strengthen your voices as activists and artists/creative practitioners.

Because you will be coming to this course from diverse backgrounds with various experiences and learning goals, our class will establish individual and additional group learning objectives. This course's technical and theoretical foundations could be applied to personal interests, college-level scholarship in the arts, a pre-professional artistic career, arts education in schools and prisons, or grassroots community activist spaces. You will create original movement/dance, performance/theatre, poetry/creative writing/spoken word, sound/music, and image/visual art/film activist pieces in preparation for their Action Plan proposal at the end of the course.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Articulate ways in which artists have contributed to activism and social justice
  • Name and understand 3-5 art movements, associated artists, and their impact on US society
  • Utilize a new toolbox of resources and experiences for art-making
  • Create and share an original piece of art based on a social justice issue
  • Develop an artist statement and vision for your art practice
By the successful completion of this program, you will have:
  • Expanded your understanding of leadership and defined socially responsible leadership for yourself
  • Practiced effective public speaking, group work, and active listening
  • Enhanced your understanding of social justice, identity, power, and privilege in relation to leadership
  • Developed a meaningful Action Plan that addresses a need in your school or community


This course is open to experienced artists and those with little experience in the arts. You will have space to focus on their existing work/interests as artists-activists and/or to expand their practice by exploring a broad range of creative and social justice practices. While experience in the arts is not required, a willingness to take risks and engage with the group is expected.


One Section Available to Choose From:

Online sections of Pre-College courses are offered in one of the following modalities: Asynchronous, Mostly asynchronous, or Blended. Please review full information regarding the experience here.

Dates: July 11, 2022 - August 05, 2022
Duration: 4 Weeks
Meeting Times: Online - Blended with required live sessions every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:30A- 12:30P Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Status: Closed
Format: Online
Instructor(s): Sage Morgan-Hubbard
Course Number: 10089