Writing from the Heart: Empathy and Ethnographic Writing Seminar

Course Description

This course will ask you to read and analyze ethnographic writing from anthropologists, poets, bloggers, creative writers, and other community members, expanding our understanding of what scholarship is and can be. You will learn about both conventional and “experimental” ethnographic methods and will have the opportunity to apply these practices in an ethnographic project of your choosing. Each class will be rich with discussions of our readings and short writing exercises that will help you hone your story-making and storytelling skills. In peer-led writing workshops, you will partake in collaborative and constructive practices that celebrate and strengthen your craft. We will pay close attention to the role of empathy in writing stories that move us.

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Improve your storytelling skills through reflection and the craft of ethnographic writing
  • Develop an appreciation for the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to understanding human culture/society/behavior
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the relationship between theoretical frames and practical applications of ethnographic writing
  • Understand techniques to documentation and representation through empathy and writing
This course introduces you to ethnography, a key practice of anthropology, and the application of writing in the world around us. By the end of the course, you will have developed your ethnographic voice rooted in a pedagogy of care.


Students should be prepared to engage in the collaborative and construction feedback processes.


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Dates: June 27, 2022 - July 15, 2022
Duration: 3 Weeks
Meeting Times: M-F 8:30A-11:20A
Status: Closed
Format: On-Campus
Instructor(s): Argenis Hurtado Moreno
Course Number: 10329