The *@#%* Media: Enough Disinformation!

Course Description

Just about everywhere we turn—from the classroom to Netflix to politics to social media—people find ways to bring up the validity of the media and push back against news reported by respected media organizations.

For us, this leads to questions:
What is misinformation?
Is misinformation the same as disinformation?
Is all of this something unique to the time in which we live?
How can we tell what is “fake” and what is real?
Can we figure this out ourselves, without having to go through a media filter?
Can we become informed news consumers, able to distinguish fact from fiction, truth from falsehood, and reality from alternative facts?

Each week, within each module, you will dig into selected readings, news videos, sampled seminars, have visits from guest lecturers, and engage in peer discussions with classmates. Each week's module will engage us as we study our topic, ask our questions, and then advance towards offering suggestions and solutions for ourselves, and our communities.

During this course, you will:
• Gain knowledge to distinguish news facts from fiction
• Challenge yourself to consider the role of the news media in the present day
• Learn how to do your own fact-checking, on any kind of news story or information nugget
• Review resources to become an informed and critically aware media consumer

With this class you will be able to determine fact from fiction and you will become an educated and informed and critically aware news and information consumer.


If you are planning for this class should bring an interest in news and current events, a desire to explore the role of media in society, a willingness to challenge existing assumptions, and a very healthy skepticism.


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Dates: June 27, 2022 - July 15, 2022
Duration: 3 Weeks
Meeting Times: M-F 12:15P-3:05P
Status: Closed
Format: On-Campus
Instructor(s): Jonathan Ebinger
Course Number: 10123