Leadership Institute Social Action Plans

Selected Action Plan Progress Reports submitted by students one year after program completion

Global Maternity Mortality

Author: Casey Weaver

Girl Up Chengdu - Awareness on Gender Stereotypes and Empowerment

Author: Xiru Wei

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Awareness

Author: Ella Wickham

Learn to Listen

Author: Sophie Horst

Saving the Ocean One Cup at a Time

Author: Jules Holland

The Legend of the Singing Rainbow Gum Tree

Author: Taryn Klanot

The Freshtival

Author: Gabriel Toth

The Sugar Tsunami

Author: Divya Srihari

Fresh Connect

Author: Mikayla Gilliam

Can You Hear Us Now?

Author: Kendra Keelan

Horizon Sports Club

Author: Andrea Wong

I Am That Girl

Author: Ashley Huntington

Save the Lake

Author: Maria Dulin

Education Initiative in Southern India

Author: Prajanan Senthilkumar

Fostering Social Change

Author: Liel Sterling

Sustainability at School

Author: Anna Sargeantson

Promoting Cultural Interaction

Author: Eric Tsai

Environmental Leadership Club

Author: Peter Prastakos

The Better Legacy Campaign

Author: Dustin Swonder

Healthy Lifestyle Club

Author: Sonya Nepali

Healthy Bodies, Healthy School

Author: Kelly Navarro

An Effort to Globalize Girl's Education

Author: Diviya Rajesh

Food Deserts

Author: Cooper Robinson

Dance With Style

Author: Olivia Tritsis

Working Towards Community Change Through Gender Equality

Author: Santul Nerkar

Bridging the Gap Between Two Cultures: Hearing and Deaf

Author: Samantha Ratakonda

A More Sustainable High School

Author: Joshua Nodiff

Farm to Table

Author: Amy Andreini

Volunteering Awareness

Author: Sara Allan

Recycling Bottles

Author: Kelley Koeppen

Our Chemical Burden

Author: Cary Chapman

Meatless Mondays

Author: Emma Hutchinson

Fundraising for Medical Research

Author: Francia Fang

Financial Aid Fair

Author: Sierra Noble

Environmental Passion

Author: Bella Carriker

Education Awareness

Author: Mara Schein


Author: Juliana Rodriguez

Community Garden @ The Shipley School

Author: Hannah Cutler

Raising Awareness on Environmental Sustainability

Author: Dorinda Fong

Improving the Environmental Club in my High School

Author: Evan Doyle

Project ELiPS- Teaching children Environmental Issues

Author: Henry Altman

Raising awareness of “the root cause of hunger” in America

Author: Jacinta Lomba

Women empowerment in rural parts of the state of Uttarakhand in India

Author: Jaskrit Singh

Human Rights Education

Author: Laura Wood

Teaching Composting to my Community

Author: Leanna Kelly

It's Our Turn: Young Women's Conference At Brentwood School

Author: Mackenzie Carlson

Reducing Prejudice Experienced by Refugees

Author: Madison Stewart- Boldin

Espwa Pou Haiti - Hope For Haiti

Author: Maite Van Hentenryck

Supporting Local Agriculture

Author: Marlie Shelton

Helping under-privileged children in New York

Author: Maya Street-Sachs

One to One program - Helping Children in Ecuador

Author: Megan McHale

Recycling Tennis equipment

Author: Rachel Waldman

Creating an Eco Club to help the Community

Author: Sarah Wax

Assimilation of International Students into mainstream American school cultures

Author: Ui Jeong

The U and I Fund: Ujjaini and Interact

Author: Shivani Shendye

Water Crisis

Author: Sophia Edelstein

Establishing a Learning Resource Center for Homeless Women

Author: Victoria Elizabeth Negron

Hydraulic Fracturing

Author: Zak Aldridge

Compost in the Cafeteria

Author: Arianna Porter

YouTube Action Plan

Author: Safiya Nanji

Increasing Efficiency

Author: Kelsey Dennison

I Be Green

Author: Victoria Brown

Translating for a Special Olympian

Author: Darren Hou

Global Water Issues Education

Author: Luke Dorfman

Serving Zambia

Author: Chris Davis

Improving School Energy Efficiency

Author: Nathaniel Greenwold

Gay-Straight Alliance Education

Author: Irene Rojas-Carroll

[email protected] Financial Partnership

Author: Emily Westgate

Scientist Conglomerate: Experimental and Theoretical Biology Club

Author: Sotirios Karathanasis

Addresses the Issue of Homophobia Amongst GLBTQ Teens and Young Adults

Author: Carly Knitzer

Language Tutoring

Author: Ilana Weisman

Young Women and Self Worth

Author: Lydia Breksa

Photography Seminar in India

Author: Gautam Kapur

High School Helping Katrina Victims

Author: Sarah Peters

Action Is Magnanimous (AIM)

Author: Morgan Dashko

Nothing But Nets School Charity

Author: Anna Johnson

MLK Day of Service

Author: Nora A. Katz


Author: Elliott Liebling

My Little Candle

Author: Kelly Shen

School Recycling Bins

Author: Jonathan Stacey

Geography Outreach Program

Author: Isabella Mia Lee

Removal of Invasive Species

Author: Melanie Goddard

Improving Academic Achievement of Disadvantaged Children through Chess

Author: Alexandra F. Wiener

Animal Rights and Humane Education Documentary

Author: India Braver

School Recycling

Author: Thomas Huling

Green Team

Author: Grace Hilbert

Second Step

Author: Lindsey Walters

Support Clean Water for Haiti

Author: Zackery Taylor

Directing a Theatrical Scene

Author: Zach Sporn

Accessing Ballet in the City of Buffalo, NY

Author: Gabi Jehle

Helping Haiti

Author: Sarah Heberlig

Peace Group

Author: Saba Hafeez


Author: Alyson Eller

Telecenter Movement in Hungary

Author: Chris Dederick

Establishment of a Leadership Course at Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola

Author: Gabriel Cruz Rosso

Teaching Kids to Eat Right

Author: Arielle Cooper

Promoting Hair Donation to Provide Free Wigs for Cancer Patients

Author: Katharine Blackman

Wind Turbines

Author: Katrina Bantis

Social Action in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Author: Jessica Barker